Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New News

Eventually I will run out of witty titles... hey, I think that's already started!

I've never heard of this man but he sounded like quite a guy:

"The Challenge Bibendum was Edouard Michelin's idea, stemming from his deeply held belief that all physical reality is ultimately perishable but that its eventual demise could be delayed or made less painful if available resources are managed intelligently."

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Edouard Michelin is, or rather was, the chief executive of Michelin Tire. He apparently drowned last week but his legacy lives on in this interesting alternative fuel program! What a cool way to be remembered!

"Dignity. I think that's important, don't you?"


"Our capital system (the extraction of oil) is not limited by rate of supply - but it is finite. Reducing the capital that we consume does not get us to a sustainable world. Beating your spouse less hard is no answer!"

Pretty hard-core way of looking at it but I can't say I disagree. This article is a little pie-in-the-sky but that's how I like my alternative energy press: optimistic. They're basically saying that conventional wisdom does not apply to an unconventional situation. If you've ever had doubts about the hydro picture, this helps you see things in a different light.

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"Hugo Spowers's engineering degree and MBA were sufficient to convince him that the barriers were neither technical nor financial but human."

I agree whole-heartedly...

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