Thursday, June 01, 2006

"That National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently released its Annual Greenhouse Gas Index, which measures the gases in the atmosphere - including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons - that affect the planet's climate.

"The index showed an increase in carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, but a leveling off of methane and decline of two other chlorofluorocarbons."

Surprise surprise, more CO2 in the atmosphere.... at least other markers are going down which could be an indicator ofconsciensciousness.

I'm posting this just to make sure everyone is aware that greenhouse gases are REAL and MEASURABLE. Whether they are reaching critical mass and we're cooking ourselves slowly or there is nothing to worry about, emmitted carbon structures do exist in the air and we did put them there.

On a different note:

"The hydrogen will be produced through electrolysis - the process of using electricity of spilling water into hydrogen and oxygen. "

Uhhhh... what? Spilling water? At least I just learned about this group:

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Quick and ..well... clean!

All the news that's fit to blog:


Chattanooga, TN is testing a fridge-sized fuel cell (converts natural gas to electricity and hydrogen... theoretically this is the type we will see in our homes for the first wave of this technology. Pump in CNG [clean natural gas], power the home with electricity and fuel your hydro car overnight):


Article about coal gasification if you know nothing about it; basically a better way of using coal for energy (i.e. instead of burning it). I didn't know that coal produces half of our energy, that's surprising.


This is what happens when governments stops TALKING and starts THINKING. A very cool mass transit idea from Bristol, UK


Detractors (eyes rolling)... this guy has so many facts wrong it's silly. Oh well, at least he's pulling for other green methods instead of traching the idea that we should move on from petroleum.


I never knew that oil drilled out of Alaska or offshores was considered an alternative to oil. No, that's not a typo, this Congressman's big "alternative energy plan" is drilling offshore and in the ANWR. Ugh... not as bad as some of the stuff going on, though, and he's also promoting nuclear energy (not Chernobyl nuclear, Koeberg nuclear, read up). Plus, anyone that promotes hydrogen fuel cells has a special place in my heart!

BTW: Read both sides of the ANWR debate... it sounds bad from the get-go but really is not as horrible as you might think. Regardless, drilling for more oil is very short-sighted but typical of this administration.


Funniest picture in weeks:

GREAT Article

An editorial for the most part but present a Pentagon paper that states (among other things):

"In a recent study, part funded by the Pentagon no less, a group of American energy-efficiency gurus concluded that all the oil the United States now uses could be displaced for less capital outlay than it would take to buy that oil. To replace oil use with cheaper alternatives in this way, the US would have to invest $180 billion over the next decade, for which the return would be $130 billion in annual savings by 2025."

^ Read that until you get it, that's all that needs to be said right now. The oil costs more than the alternative, right now, as it stands, period. The PENTAGON came up with this, not a group of hippies in Portland.

Definitely read the whole thing but here's another miracle-of-math fact, let it sink if for a second. You and I could save about 3 mpg by driving differently:

"a nation that could wipe out its entire Middle Eastern oil imports with a mere 2.7 mile-per-gallon increase in its pitiful fleet average of just over 20"

Lots more new, great information, check it out.