Tuesday, May 30, 2006

GREAT Article

An editorial for the most part but present a Pentagon paper that states (among other things):

"In a recent study, part funded by the Pentagon no less, a group of American energy-efficiency gurus concluded that all the oil the United States now uses could be displaced for less capital outlay than it would take to buy that oil. To replace oil use with cheaper alternatives in this way, the US would have to invest $180 billion over the next decade, for which the return would be $130 billion in annual savings by 2025."

^ Read that until you get it, that's all that needs to be said right now. The oil costs more than the alternative, right now, as it stands, period. The PENTAGON came up with this, not a group of hippies in Portland.

Definitely read the whole thing but here's another miracle-of-math fact, let it sink if for a second. You and I could save about 3 mpg by driving differently:

"a nation that could wipe out its entire Middle Eastern oil imports with a mere 2.7 mile-per-gallon increase in its pitiful fleet average of just over 20"

Lots more new, great information, check it out.

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