Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The inevitable and infinite progress of technology

The battery may have serious competition:

The patent describes an "ultra capacitor", which functions similarly to other electric car batteries but can charge more quickly and has a more streamlined process of releasing energy. The result is an automotive system that charges in just a few hours and can run for hundreds of miles. The Associated Press reports that a car using EEstor's technology could run for as much as 500 miles before it would need a re-charge.

If you're not familiar with a capacitor, it is a very simple electronic device. It is used in electronic equipment to quickly store and release very small amounts of electricity. It works like a reservoir by allowing for sporadic flow TO the capacitor and steady flow FROM it. Imagine you wanted a constant flow of water but only had a sprinkler. You could attach something that gathered the water first and released it out the other end at whatever flow you wanted.

Not a lot of information to be released yet... the guy doesn't want his idea robbed, right?

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