Monday, November 05, 2007

Toyota RiN

Meant to blog this a week ago. silly education getting in the way of all of my hobbies!

I present the Toyota RiN

Toyota RiN
This little car, while not being primarily marketed as an eco-friendly, is a breath of fresh air in terms of automotive transport... and not one we're likely to see either. Features include (quoted from the article above):

-> green glass that is said to reduce the infiltration of ultraviolet and infrared light

-> oxygen-level conditioner and pinpoint humidifier

-> seats designed to maintain good back posture

-> headlights feature light distribution control that takes into consideration pedestrians and vehicles coming in the opposite direction

-> image displays aligned with the driver's psychological state are conveyed within the meter cluster of the 'mood-training' steering control

Toyota RiN


Anonymous said...

yes, i saw that on inhabitat. it's amazing, but a high-speed collision, especially from the side, would surely be fatal, right? also, there's a dent in my passenger-side door right now (not put there by me) that i indend to ignore until i can afford to fix it, which is much more convenient than having to replace an entire glass door. thoughts?


Josh C said...

All reasons why it is unlikely we will see something like this. American safety standards trump everything. If we got it, we would likely see it enclosed in a cage of steel, reducing the overall Zen-ness of the design :)

Anonymous said...

so true. unless the steel was molded into a cool art deco pattern that was both beautiful and life-protecting! (and expensive)

until SUVs are no longer the country's mascot car, and the cooler family alternative to mini-vans, i'm gonna stick with my corolla or corolla-sized cars. i'd love to drive something smaller, but there are semi's sharing my roadspace. can you just imagine a highway full of bike/cars swarming around tanker trucks like flies on a rhino? i've ridden in a moving truck, i know how little visibility they've got.

then again, le car is a reality in europe, and they have semi's there too.

one more thing, unless those giant windows were tinted, i'd feel a little exposed, although our society might benefit from a little less anonymity on the road. people might be less likely to give each other the bird and actually let others merge if driving were more personal.