Monday, December 10, 2007


Politics, as a rule, usually just make my head spin and my tummy hurt but I found a nice, succinct collection of presidential opinions on major issues.

It really brings everything together and makes you think very big picture. I think a lot of people pick one issue and make that the way they vote (*cough* stem cells *cough*). I think, if you are a rational person, it would be hard to look at this long list and only pick one issue.

Keep it real out there ;)


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness thank you, you are a mindreader! i have been thinking about this recently, out of a desire to be more politically informed, but feeling dubious about which sources to trust. i was thinking about how important it would be to have a truly unbiased website on politicians/politics. it may already exist, but i'm not aware of it.

i know plenty of young people (ooh, saying that makes me sound old) who feel like you and i- a little lost in the sea of biasses and opinions and non-truths. a trustworthy website would appeal to our generation, and make people confident and informed enough to actually vote and get involved. one that addresses current issues, as well as political history, to help people get an historical perspective.

so think you can manage that? see if you can work that into your schedule. no, but really, if you know of any other good resources, please pass them on.


Josh C said...

I would wonder who is trust-worthy? Who is spin-free in politics? Is that even politics? If you're passionate about something, aren't you responsible to spread the word?

I would love a truly spin-free political information source but I'm saying this without doing any kind of research. I would imagine that what you're looking for is out there somewhere... this website is a good indication.