Monday, February 04, 2008

Great site - thanks mom!

I know not everyone is apt to spend $20 on this but I couldn't keep the money in my wallet when I read what this site does.

You pay them $20 and they basically remove you from all junk mail lists. That's it, plain and simple. Not only that, they pull you off of catalog lists as well (unless, say, you tell them that you actually WANT 3o copies of the Victoria's Secret catalog every week - because 6 or 7 per week makes sense, you know, but 30? Really?).

This, to me, should OF COURSE be a free service but who would offer it? I guess advertising falls under the "bastardization of free speech" category and, as such, there's not much to do about it besides having recycle days. Still, I find it very disturbing that I can't simply generally opt-out from useless, wasteful, ineffective marketing campaigns. I hate spam and I hate telemarketing but there is nothing worse, in the marketing sphere, than having a pile of coupons and catalogs that go from tree to manufacture to post office to my house to the trash. I find that MASSIVELY agitating and, as such, will gladly pay to stop it coming to my house.

Please, please sign up for this service... $20 is very little and the impact is very important. Also go here...

...and opt out of all those ridiculous pre-approved credit-card notices. This helps keep you secure (no more pre-approved applications floating around) and gets rid of another chunk of mail. It is free and run by the government which is how it should be. It stopped all of my credit card offers (besides the ones from my current company... what the heck?).

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