Monday, March 17, 2008

JoshisJosh "news"

I put news in quotes up there to make sure you don't think that somehow my life is all that newsworthy (yet). Here is what is going on in my life and how it all fits together.

-> I'm getting back into the swing on this blog, I'm happy to say. My goal is two posting days per week, Monday and Friday. I'm going for consistency more than anything so if I have to save an article for a couple days, I will. Keeping commenting and keep spreading the word... hopefully these posts help motivate you like they do to me. Also, look forward to a light remodel to this blog... the look is really tiresome to me and I'm itching to show off my minimal HTML skillz.

-> I've been putting in a lot of time building a website for a close friend/family member and, thankfully, I've finally gotten it to a point that we're now just working on content. Please check it out if you have a chance and comment here with what you think (positive or negative... if you don't know me personally, I want your feedback even more).

-> In a similar vein, I've been moving forward with in terms of breadth and depth. I wrote an article, started my new blog at, and added myself to Kudzu, yellowpages, and Yahoo businesses (I would add Google but they want my address and it would be my home address so I'm not sure how I feel about that). Look forward to some new additions to the website, another article, and some new projects.

-> I'm getting into this Twitter thing: It's called "micro-blogging." It first look, it seems like something your teenage daughter might latch on to and, in a way, that's probably true. But the point is just a quick place to update your life and check how others are doing. It works the best when you're on-line for long periods of time (like me) and can update throughout the day. You can update from your phone (meh), by logging in on your site (meh), or by simply adding to you Gtalk or Gchat and sending an IM (bingo). If this sounds at all interesting, add me and start updating! Or just watch my unbelievably exciting life unfold before you! I do intend to use this more and more... possibly as an update tool for a project group (stay tuned).

Feedback? Ideas? Comments? Questions? Add them here or try me at:


Bridget said...

writing on Tuesday and friday.. putting yourself on a schedule is a good thing.

Josh C said...

Agreed! Keeping yourself accountable is vital in getting things done.