Monday, March 31, 2008


I really wanted to take some time to delve into the chart I posted on Friday but I've had too much fun taking time off so you get something with less words but more impact. Who is that above me?

George n' Me
And, just to make sure the message is clear, here is me and Grandpa with similar sentiments:

George W. Bush with Josh and Carl
Proud of my genes for sure.

The message is clear: time to go GWB. He was a "terrible Governor" and has been an atrocious president. It's time to take accountability for what we've done and make amends to the world.


On another note, I found this very interesting at the flagship Whole Foods store in Austin, TX:

Austin, TX green wall in Whole Foods
This is a "green wall" or "living wall." It's basically an easy way to add greenery to an indoor structure. This takes up no floor space but is still offsetting a bit of indoor CO2.

It was interesting being in the most premium, most organic supermarket in the nation (I can only assume). The store was beautiful: amazing displays, perfect lighting, exceptional design. I was enthralled by all the food and even more taken in by the ambiance and environment surrounding my upcoming meal. I had to wonder whether the whole thing was sustainable. The prices were high, that was a given. But does all of this work have to go into sustainable living? Does your dessert section need 4,000 square feet? In my opinion, if the space does not contribute to the problem then it's fine, even/especially if it costs more. But is it green-washing? Are you really getting the best of the best? Is your guilt absolved if you shop at Whole Foods?

It begs scrutiny... especially now.

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