Monday, May 08, 2006

Bloggin it

Another Josh project... something I'm certain will change my life but never gets off the ground. This marks the third attempt at a blog and certainly the most successful one (I am posting, right?).


My inspiration for the sudden jolt of self-education:

"We have carefully reviewed your records and regret that we cannot offer you admission to the University of California, San Diego. The selection process was very difficult this year as we had an excellent pool of competitive applicants. You will receive an official notification shortly. "

Meh... they don't want me but SDSU does and I know when I'm not wanted (don't cry old boy...)


Life complaints, relationship woes, traffic rants and self-esteem hurdles will not be included in this blog... that's what the last two were for and I found myself never wanting to log on and write about it (go figure).

Creating a personal storage repository for hydrogen articles, science information, book ideas and general ramblings is my intention, hence the auspicious name "hydrojosh" (after my desire to work in the hydrogen fuel industry).

Anyone who wants to know more about where my life is headed (professionally) or wants to know more about the most important technology being worked on currently is welcome to read, comment and pass the link along to anyone else who fits the description.

Onward and forward towards success and world domination... I mean world SALvation!

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