Friday, May 12, 2006


... TGIF has nothing to do with what I'm posting but I figured anyone who reads this would certainly agree.

"How do you get people excited about hydrogen? It's not like basketball. People don't clamor for it."

Half quick-bio, half speech, this article talks about California's "assistant secretary for hydrogen and alternative fuel policy" (a job I hope to maybe have one day), Shannon-Baxter Clemmons and her thoughts on California's Hydrogen Highway (among other subjects). It's a quick read but I love it because Shannon is the kind of person who makes me want to be a part of this industry. She seems (on paper) smart (doctorate in Chem E? hello?), down-to-earth and realistic.

Across corporations, hydrogen technology seems to have found some of the best people out there just by virtue of it being a complex technology involving some serious social and environmental issues. A technology that requires an elevated level of intelligence and awareness should have the power to root out the people it needs to succeed... if, in fact, it is destined to succeed. Which is part of the reason why I'M seeking IT out; there is a certain feeling of validation that comes from joining the ranks of a group you truly admire and are inspired by. Anyone I have met in the hydrogen fuel cell industry has been kind, ready to talk, bright and optimistic about the future. Though I have been described as "rude," "distant," "dim-witted" and "overtly negative" by some, when it comes to hydrogen, I'm all sunshine and rainbows!

That Golfer Is Furious!

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Wow. I officially get to be your first ever comment, ever. This really is a special moment, preserved for all posterity. So you're blogging, huh. Innnnteresting.... I'm excited to see what you have to share about this cutting-edge passion of yours. And you had two other previous blogs?? Psh. Clearly, I've been out of the loop. Well, congrats for putting yourself out there, and committing yourself to educating the boorish masses. But I gotta say, those of us with ADD find it a bit challenging to maintain focus on the black void...I'm not suggesting neon flashing text...weeellll, maybe. But knowing you, you'll probably include sporatic entries like the one about the banana phone-- totally unrelated, humorous, a bit bizarre, but generally harmless. That's helpful for those of us with abbreviated attention sp- What??
So, now that I've pretty much created a blog within your blog (about your blog), I'll wrap it up. Some day, when you become a world-renowned H20 car-guy, don't forget the little people, k? Keep on keepin on :-)