Thursday, May 25, 2006

I didn't know I liked Newt Gingrich

The rest of the interview is boring unless you care about automotive corporate strategy.

"MB: President Bush’s scheduled meeting with the Big 3 presidents has been postponed till sometime in June. If you were President, what would you tell the CEO’s of DaimlerChrysler, Ford and General Motors?

"NG: ...we need their help in leading the way in building flex-fuel cars, accelerating the development of hydrogen fuel cell cars, and, thirdly I’d ask them, “what kind of tax incentives and other kinds of things we could do?” that would accelerate the development of a more independent energy strategy which has to have automobiles as integral part.

"MB: So, how would you decrease America’s dependence on oil?

"NG: My argument is simple. First of all we should “incentivize” – if we want a strategy for getting people off petroleum, then what you want to do is incentivize buying vehicles that don’t use petroleum. Then you’d have to figure out how to incentivize gas stations to go to an E85 ethanol blend … or hydrogen fuel cells.

"MB: Do you think hydrogen powered cars will ever come to fruition?

"NG: How do I incentivize people to buy the first generation of hydrogen fuel cell cars? You could have very dramatic impact. And you might say to companies, we’ll give you a 3 to 1 ratio –every hydrogen car you produce, will count as three in terms of meeting your other standards. What would the impact of a hydrogen fuel economy be on virtually everything we worry about from the economy to national security the environment? It – it is a substantial breakthrough."

And the quote of the decade (I'm a firm believer of this):

"...we have to coerce the American people for their own good. "

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