Monday, May 22, 2006

I (HEART) Mitsubishi

OK, this is one of the hottest looking cars I've seen in a while but the engine technology is SOMETHING ELSE! Listen to this:

The Concept-E’s front wheels are driven by a parallel hybrid system integrating an electric motor with a 3.8-liter V-6, for a combined 270 horsepower. This is where it gets interesting: Mitsubishi’s innovative E-Boost system channels an additional 200 hp to the rear wheels from a 150 kW electric motor located behind the cabin, powered by lithium-ion batteries secreted along the center of the vehicle. E-Boost is activated by aggressive throttle to provide an immediate boost in acceleration, much like a conventional turbo or supercharger, transforming the car into a 470 hp, all-wheel drive terror that raises the hybrid performance bar to new levels.

So 270 horsepower to the front wheels in a lightweight car, hit the accelerator and your ass is kicked almost immediately by an instant 200 more!

I'm not posting this JUST because I'm drooling over it, I'm posting it because I like it when car companies come out with cars like this to get people revved up about certain kinds of technologies (such as hybrids). People see and read about this amazing vehicle and then hear that it's a hybrid.

Now, a 3.8L V6, even in hybrid form, probably won't be pulling anymore than, say, 30MPG but this is certainly not going to be in the Prius price range. This car could blow the doors off 99% of everything on the road including most Ferraris and Porsches. Cars like this are perfect right now because alternative products have to be as good or better than what is out there or they won't sell, especially when they typically cost more. Enthusiasts will want this car not because it's a hybrid but because it's going to be FAST AS HELL (with, by the way, less inefficiency typically involved with an all-wheeel drive system). that I'm all frothed up...

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