Thursday, June 22, 2006

Feel Like Getting Me a Gift??

Thank you for being so patient and please excuse the little delay. We are pleased to inform you that the H-racer and the Hydrogen station are available now to buy at: www.horizonfuelcell,com/buynow.php.

Since you first contacted us, the H-racer has been featured in over 55 articles in 15 countries (from Business Week to the Iran Daily!). Check out the attached pictures to be the first to see the actual product…we hope you like it.

As promised, the H-racer is available now for US$40 and so is the Hydrogen Station (including solar panel).

Have fun and enjoy the future (powered by Horizon!)

SO COOL! A little hydro-powered car! You can be sure I'll be picking this up ASAP (and probably blowing it up while trying to make it faster)

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