Thursday, June 22, 2006

Get to Work

What a slacker... All my zero readers are clamoring for more!

Great information from Captains of the Industry:,1895,1973409,00.asp

Lawrence Burns, General Motors' head of research and development, gave an upbeat picture for fuel cells. The goal, he said, was to cut the cost of hydrogen to $2-$3 per kg, about the same cost of running a car at $1-$1.50 per gallon of petrol.

"At the end of the day, we don't want to ask customers to pay more because that is not the pathway to high volume," he said.

That last statement says it all... high volume is crucial and the only way to do that is to make it cheap enough for everyone to chose it over the other options. Look at hybrids: the idea that you're paying a lot less for fuel day-to-day overshadows the entry fee for many people.

"Based on our better understanding of the technology now, we will have the start of commercialization in 2012 at the earliest. By around 2015 we will have an overall fleet of up to 100,000 vehicles world-wide and, in my view, from around 2020 at the earliest fuel cell cars will make up a single-digit percentage of new car registrations," Daimler's Mohrdieck said.

VW's Steiger was more wary, suggesting fuel cell cars would start to appear in real numbers by 2020, but then take 10 years to get a market share of 1 percent, 10 more years to reach a 10 percent share and 10 more to reach half the market for new cars.

50% market share by 2050???? Optimistic for sure but with people like me on the job, how can you lose?! :)

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