Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh that's rich

I started reading this article and, after a couple paragraphs, found myself smiling. The reason why? It seemed like another hack journalist vomiting facts he/she could not back up supporting an intentionally contrarian argument. Then I scrolled down and read the author:

George Spaulding is a retired General Motors executive and distinguished executive-in-residence emeritus at the School of Business and Economics at the College of Charleston.

Pardon my strong language but George is a silly goose... there, I said it. There are no sources for his statistics, strike one. His secondary argument is the potential for loss of some choice (in some situations, sometimes), strike two. Finally, he appeals to our emotions with the sad song of automaker bankruptcy, strike three. This is the weakest argument against industry-wide MPG increases I've ever seen. No wonder GM has been tanking for years; they had idiots like this at the helm.

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