Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rethink Saturn?

I saw a commercial for Saturn on TV last night which could be old or new, I wouldn't know. Either way, the ad asks you to "Rethink Excess. Rethink American." It immediately struck a chord with me and I found myself doing just that: rethinking American. America right now is the epitome of "biggerbetterfastermore" and, from the outside, it appears that we like it just the way it is. Bigger car, bigger house, bigger boat, bigger boobs... so many of us strive for the biggest, the best, the fastest. It's the topic of many conversations I've had, the subject of countless involuntary meditations and, arguably, the source (or at least agitator) of many of our problems.

What if you realized you didn't need or even necessarily want a 5,000 square foot house? What if you realized you could probably get away with a 4-cylinder Subaru instead of an 8-cylinder Tahoe? What if you made that choice not because you had to but because, somewhere inside, you wanted to? Could you live without statements of your financial status? Could you live with yourself if you were in the 80th percentile at the gym instead of the 90th? Would you be OK with taking the bus, with being SEEN on the bus? Could you walk even if you didn't need to? Even if it took twice as long? Three times as long?

Could you rethink your life even if you weren't being forced to?

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