Friday, October 12, 2007


My blogging this week has fallen by the wayside this week primarily because of school but partly because of this blogging scholarship I didn't win (or qualify for or even receive a reply about).

I seem to have gotten it in my mind that I was a contender for this little battle of wordsmiths. I wrote a charming and funny entry, made sure the blog was up to par, and sent everything in. And got nuthin back. Win some lose some, right?

Well, a loss is a waste if you don't learn anything from it so I'm looking for the lesson. Here's what I have so far.

- This blog sucks and I should stop it. Or, adopting a different tack, this blog is mediocre and I should concentrate on it.

- Life consists of victories and defeats and how you handle either one says something about you.

- Unless you're getting paid for it, the point of creation (ie artistic or otherwise) is catharsis and/or self-satisfaction and/or experimentation. Even if part of me is, I really should be writing for ME.

So, I'll go ahead and come to terms with my crushing defeat in due time and continue posting. I would ask for your input but I'm not supposed to care what you think, remember?

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