Friday, October 12, 2007

"...favorite fuel..."

Great article from my former online addication, VWVortex, about hydrogen cars. Things are looking very optimistic for H2 if you believe the news.

High-insulation hydrogen gas storage tank
^^Click that, it's neat

The article talks about HICEs, hydrogen internal combustion engines. This is kind of the stop-gap to the fuel cell cars you hear about. A regular car of any type can be, with the right equipment, converted to be able to burn H2. That doesn't mean a quick trip down to the VW dealership, a free cup of coffee, and an hour of your time. Storage, delivery, and combustion all need to be altered to make a standard car run on H2.

General Motors and BMW have been working together to establish an industry standard for the refueling apparatus

Music to my ears but not something I thought I would ever read!

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