Friday, October 19, 2007

Comment about a comment

How happy was I when I found comments to moderate! Thanks for the feedback; I'd like to address one quick thing:

kudos on the the recycling dedication! why not bring it up to your apartment manager? or start your own recycling center in your storage space for the neighbors!

What a great idea! The whole apartment complex should have a central repository for recyclables!

The sarcasm you aren't detecting is directed at my landlord who told me that we used to have a recycling bin but that it was "abused" and taken away. (...) ok

As for the Josh Recycling Aggregation... I have been considering it in a big way. I even talked to a few of the residents and they were down for it. Thanks for reminding me to figure something out.

And the quest moves forward...


Anonymous said...

if i were to comment on your comment about my comment, would that be redundant?


Josh C said...

Ah but I didn't! I posted about your comment about my post. NOW I'm commenting about your comment about my post.

And I'm never redundant... that should have been established long ago ;)

Anonymous said...

that's true. i commented on your post, and you posted about my comment.

but if i comment right now on your comment about my comment on your post about my comment on your post, surely THAT comment would be redundant.