Friday, October 19, 2007

Off-topic but...

... I think I've found a co-passion in green building.

Look at this now please

I don't want to write too much about it but the link leads to Inhabitat, the green design blog that I have been following recently. This set of pictures is from the Solar Decathalon in Washington DC. It was an international competition to build off-grid (i.e. no need for a power company), solar-powered house. The results were incredible and totally beautiful. Especially this one from Germany:

On your right you see what is called "passive technology," stuff that does something by doing nothing (read about the Daoist tenant of wu wei). They are shutters that are operated electronically and enclose the whole house. They are also far enough away from the house that you are left with this very cool mini patio and enough space for the heat to dissipate. Not letting good energy go to waste, each of the slats on the shudders is a mini solar panel... a little "active technology" on the side. Just amazing and visually very interesting. Follow the first link to see a little more. The Cincinnati house is also worth seeing.

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