Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cool Loremo pics @ Inhabitat

Man, they always have the cool stories... they're looking for passionate writers living in San Fran or NY. Time to give up the school track? Ha ha... no.

I've talked about this little guy before. The great MPG comes from low air resistance and light weight. The looks are definitely growing on me:


But more importantly, the Loremo LS is designed to achieve a stunning 157mpg. It will go up to 160km/h [about 100mph, JC] on a 2 cylinder turbo-diesel engine, though the company is also exploring an all electric version of the vehicle. The vehicle weighs about 450kg [not even a half ton or about a third of what my little VW weighs, JC], and will cost around 13,000 euros [or 19,110 USD, JC]. Expect the vehicle to go on sale in Europe, China and India in 2009

Via Inhabitat


Anonymous said...

157 mpg, under $20,000! why does everyone else get the cool little cars?? boo.


Anonymous said...

someone on inhabitat mentioned that opening the uni-door to hop in on a rainy seattle day means sitting on a drenched seat, not in so many words. but it's novel, attention-grabbing features like that which draws interest.