Thursday, January 10, 2008

Words of advice from Mr. MacLeod

A "purpose-idea" just doesn't land on your lap because you're lucky, smart and good-looking. A sense of purpose only comes your way usually because you've been working your ass off over a long period of time, intensely cultivating it. And yeah, sometimes that will appear to more mainstream people as "Having no life". To hell with them. They don't know or care about you. Successful people get that way by doing the stuff unsuccessful people aren't willing to do. Harsh but true.

And isn't that what we're all looking for? An idea to be purposeful? A reason to live? A mission? Isn't that what we look for in religion? Isn't that what we want when we have a family?

Hugh is talking less about the biggest picture and more about how we choose to spend our time and make a living. A sense of purpose in a job truly is cultivated and created, it doesn't just happen. Does a position of great responsibility and high visibility instill purpose? It might for a minute, then you actually have to own it.

And that's what this all comes down to: what do you own? I'm not talking about possessions, I'm taking about accountability. Do you own what you do? Do you own everything you do at work? Do you own what you create? Do you even own your own life?

Owning who you are and where your going is, simply put, a lesson you learn and understand or one you avoid until you die.

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