Monday, May 15, 2006

Any Ideas?

"For all those out there tinkering on innovative devices in your garages or basements, Congress is coming up with a handsome $52 million in taxpayer money for a new prize program to entice inventors to develop workable designs for a hydrogen car.

"The measure, which got little opposition when it cleared the House this month, provides up to $1 million in prizes for those who develop innovative ways of dealing with production, storage, distribution and utilization issues involving hydrogen cars, and a $4 million prize for a hydrogen prototype car. A special $10 million prize is available for the inventor of truly "transformational technology" that speeds the conversion from oil to hydrogen power."

To apply, just visit

Just kidding... a great idea IMHO. I'm just jealous because I left my hydrogen prototype running in front of AM/PM the other day and it was stolen. F%#$!

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