Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Article Sucks

...and I'll tell you why

So let's just assume for the moment that we've already found the technology to halt/reverese global warming and eliminate our dependance of foreign countries for oil (I believe we have but that's not the point). Now let's say everybody agreed on it and were working towards it with a vision. There was no question, we solved the problem, finished the equation, found what "x" equals. What would that look like?

It would look like this bumbling congressman from Washington DC.

"'These technologies truly are the future of the auto market and will be part of the solution to our increasing oil dependence,' Gillmor said. "

Is it? Is it really? Did we find it? Because not everyone agrees and I'm whole-heartedly certain that you're not educated in this field enough to make that proclamation. I believe in hydrogen like someone would believe they're going to recover from a serious illness. I feel like it is going to happen and I've read enough to know that the obstacles it faces are not insurmountable. But this guy leaves no uncertainty... "Hey Guys! Over here! I found it! The solution!"

The first sentence of this article is "Congressman Paul Gilmore. R- Tiffin, took time recently to learn more about alternative fuels." This guy doesn't know anything about this technology but comes out and makes a sweeping statement about where we're going with it. His entire "speech" that was quoted in the article sounds like someone who didn't know anything about it wrote it for him, a man who also knows nothing about it, to say.

I, of course, am very happy when the word gets out (hence the blog) that hydrogen is important but I'm less happy when the messenger knows nothing and pretends like he's Paul freakin' Revere spreading this important and heretofore unknown news.


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