Friday, September 28, 2007

In the news...

Toyota gets 350 miles out of a hydrogen fuel cell car; possibility for 480 (whoa). How?

"The new model is one quarter more fuel efficient due to improvements in the performance of the fuel cell, Toyota said. The fuel tank capacity has also been increased."

What, don't want to release the information about technology that could be worth billions? Weenies. Begs the question ... who, really, could ask for anything more? MSN destroys their credibility at the end of the article with this statement:
"Fuel-cell cars are widely viewed as the most promising pollution-free vehicles for the future because they are powered by electricity generated through the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen and emit only water as a byproduct."

I'm a huge hydro proponent but this kind of broad proclamation is totally unnecessary for the article and widely viewed as uninformed. MSN: Please keep your heavy-handed social analysis to yourself?

Or me.

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