Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I think my blog format is going to change a bit.

Let me be perfectly honest: the main point of this blog is networking, plain and simple. I want to meet people in the alternative transportation industry, people working on great, new technology, people who are motivated by altruism and well as good business sense, people who want to change the world ("...or go home"). It was not my true intention to become a media re-router, a GUI for Google news or anything to that effect. There are certainly enough information sprinklers out there.

The minor goal of the blog is to motivate and inspire people to make the small (or large) changes in their life that contribute to the whole. I believe in the idea of "catalysts of change" and believe that a role model, one that believes truly in what they are doing, is important for any social change. You're not going to listen to a anti-drug speech from Britney, you won't listen to green advice from someone who doesn't recycle and drives an International CXT (the most disturbing non-commercial vehicle to-date).

The articles posted are basically my "a-ha" moments or "oh crap" moments. They are the launching point for my opinions, the basis of my thought process, the crux of my argument. The articles are only here to highlight what I have to say about the issue. And that is, of course, the point of a blog, right? Your own personal media outlet complete with your own biases and perspective?

As such, I should be far more honest with this platform that I have. My motives, in this case, are 100% selfish. I want a successful career in the alternative transportation industry and I see this space as the stepping stone. The news will stay, the commentary will grow and the focus will change.

You might be thinking "so, Josh, you're making your blog more egocentric." No, not really. Consider this: all of the news that I post from Google or Digg or anywhere else is already out there, correct? There are already a million people reading it and commenting on it and posting it. If I determine for myself that something is interesting and begs to be propagated, am I not already being quite arrogant? By thinking that it only holds meaning if I post it, is that not already establishing a sense of self-importance?

But if I still do that but also show you a picture of what I am doing to truly make a difference by being part of the solution, I am now actually CONTRIBUTING. I'm not just a pundit, I'm a news-maker, it makes me a participant rather than an observer. And that, simply put, is the best part of the green movement at large. Take the easy route, swallow the soma, and extricate your concern or research your purchases, speak out boldly, and spread the word.

So, watch this space for changes... more effort on my part, more personal photos, more details about what I personally I am doing. Comment if you'd like, write me if you want and follow my lead... if you care!

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