Monday, September 24, 2007

The tipping point

Please note that this article comes about two weeks AFTER my post about this industry being an ABSOLUTELY PROFITABLE endeavor. I'm not at all claiming I'm the originator of this idea by any stretch of the imagination, just that I might know what I'm talking about ;)

This, my friends, is the tipping point.

John Doerr is one of Silicon Valley's more successful and higher-profile VCs, with big wins including early investments in Symantec,, and more recently, Google.

This success, I believe, gives his words some weight. So when he says, as he did in November, that global warming is real and that "cleantech" is "the biggest economic opportunity of this century," my ears -- and yours -- should perk up.

The tipping point is that place where you can feel the change happening for real. I think there is a book of the same title and, though we may be talking about the same thing, I'm not directly referring to his hypothesis.

When money goes a certain direction, things happen. This has got to be an economic law of some sort: money makes things happen.

But this is a special kind of money, this is corporate money, BIG money. This isn't federal grant money or concerned citizen donation money, the kind of money that says "oooh, that's nice! I wonder what that is! Here, have some money, I'm curious." This is VC money, dot-com/bomb money, the money that says "uhh, yeah, get off your ass and make things happen, buddy." This is the only kind of money that can save the world.

If you've been reading my blog, you know why this is the ONLY way that this "cleantech" (their word) stuff can get off of the ground. Reading something like this makes me excited x2... first, because we might just turn this place around and second, the glorious feeling that I chose the right career path. Vindication!

Does anyone have any information about green investing? The fund mentioned in the Motley article has not seen any massive spikes or dips which is a good sign for right now. I'd like to more some of my IRA in this direction... hey, I'm betting thousands of dollars and several years for an education to work in the field, why not my nest egg as well, right?!?!?!

What am I even saying... who needs a nest egg or a job when you're already a total baller like me.

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