Tuesday, October 30, 2007

UCS: "All automakers need to do better"

The UCS stands for the Union of Concerned Scientists, one of the best names for action group that I've ever heard. Nothing inspires change more that a group of stressed-out, worried scientists. I'm not kidding, I love that name.

There are some great articles regarding transportation as well as a lot of great general information. One in particular was on display at the Santa Monica event I went to last weekend. The chart below ranks the top 8 automakers in the US based on environmental impact.

Fleet average environmental scores by manufacturer

It's basically saying what everyone who is down with the the whole sustainable transportation is saying: do better. Sure, it's nice to see companies like Honda and Toyota dipping way below the industry average but that's still not enough. Fleet-wide MPG standards need to go up, period. How is that going to happen?

The next time you purchase a car or truck, choose one with the lowest emissions and highest fuel economy that meets your needs and budget. Automakers need a strong signal that consumers care about the environmental impact of their vehicle choices. When all else is equal, use these rankings to reward the best overall automaker.

You're going to do it. You're going to choose based on different criteria with different priorities in mind. You're going to see the personal and overall benefits to changing how you live your life as a consumer. You're going to see your responsibility as a representative in the most powerful country in the world. You're going to do it for now, later, way later, and hella way later. You're going to teach your kids about it and they'll teach their kids about it and maybe then we'll be talking about something other than our planet getting hotter.

Go Honda, BTW! If you know me, you know I'm a big VW fan but, these days (honestly having nothing to do with this chart), I've been dreaming about an Element SC. I hope they sell them new for a couple more years because I'm buying one the SECOND I graduate. No kidding, I've been obsessed since I was pacing one on the freeway.

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