Friday, November 02, 2007

Joshisjosh: Branding Me

I read a lot of marketing stuff lately and I'm not entirely sure why. For some reason, I find the topic fascinating on so many levels. There is the science behind how people read and react to stimuli. There is the creativity that lies within the methods of getting attention. There is the sociology tacit in pushing/pulling people in a certain direction and how you do it.

The more I read, the more I learn. The more I do, the more I understand. Just like with any craft, practice begets ability so my practice is in the form of where I work and my side "jobs." "Jobs," here, gets quote marks because I'm working for free for the time being. One of the projects is for my dad (the Business Ferret financial analysis software [no URL yet]) one of them is a joint project between us ("The Book" those close to me know about... coming soon), one is a mental project for my friend, Jay (computer building business... need an affordable computer? geko010 at Need a gaming masterpiece? geko010 at Most capable, helpful, friendly person that ever graced the computer industry), and one, the one this blog is about, is my own project (me). I'm branding me. Complete with a name, a logo, and a product (me).

I'm a student, a teacher, a resource, a blog, a source of ideas, a motivator, an idealist, a consumer...

How do you brand yourself? By being as you as you can possibly be and making it as public as ever. I'm representing myself as completely as possible with a blog following what is important to me, art and writing from my own hands and screen, and a transcript and resume of work that I am very proud to display. I'm networking the best way I can by being myself instead of trying to fit into something (I do that enough at school and at work). I'm reaching out to people that I resonate with and vice versa to make something happen (change the world or go home, see number 2). coming soon.
Bachelors in Science coming soon.
"The Book" coming soon.
The Business Ferret coming soon.

Lots to look forward to; lots of work ahead of me... that's how I like it.


Anonymous said...

marketing and advertising has always been secondary interests of mine. meaning over the years, whatever i thought i wanted to be when i grew up, advertising was my back-up plan. you're not alone, it's so very intersting. check out Brand New i've always paid attention when companies have new logos or slogans, which is what this site's all about. interesting, with informative and often snarky commentary. i haven't perused it much, but it seems to have a very involved readership. it's funny to see so much focus on something that's been a small side interest of yours. but that's what the web's all about, right?

the same place i found that site ( ) also had a youtube link to a video about "logofonts," which you seem to be playing with for your self-branding. it seems you're joining the ranks of paris (you know who i mean, cause a' all that branding)


Josh C said...

^^ marked to read... email to you poised to send.