Sunday, October 28, 2007

Do Your Part: Get Wasted

At BevMo last night, I saw this vodka. I was intrigued and almost picked up a bottle but Svedka was on sale for really cheap and that's some good vodka so I put it back. I was in the middle of berating myself for passing up an opportunity to vote with my money when it occurred to me that anyone can claim being "green" to sell more products to suckers like myself. So, instead of buying potentially crappy vodka based on a possible marketing gimmick, I promised myself to check it out first... and then fall for it.

It's called 360 Vodka and they claim to be the "evolution of vodka." They say they concentrate on 3 Ps: Philosophy, Product, and Packaging. Here's the environmental skinny:

360 Vodka - sustainable drinking?
Read that label carefully and see if you can help me with something. There are no dates or ranges or anything to that effect. It just says that those things are saved. Is that it? You saved those and you're done now? I'm a little confused though a tree saved is a tree saved, all said and done.

The site is all marketing and, though attractive, doesn't really provide much. They also never say that the vodka actually tastes good, only that it's good and green. I'm a pretty green guy but, until it hits 1984 and all we have left is acrid "gin," I care how my spirits taste, that's all there is to it. The site shoves "4x distilled, 5x filtered" down your throat but even bottom-shelf hooch brags about filtering.

All-in-all, I'm not terribly impressed but I do like all of the recycling and what not. I will certainly do it the favor of at least trying it. But maybe not in one of their recommended recipes:

Appletini of death
I think I could power a car with that mixture...


Bridget said...

appletini!!! you made me one on new years one year. bet you don't remember.

hahah-- i'm now commenting on all your blogs. you love it.

Josh C said...

Ummm, I actually think I do... Marriott Residence Inn on 148th? Am I right?

Feels like a lifetime has passed since then

Bridget said...

yeah it was.. and yes -- a lifetime has passed and i'm glad i've got you in my new life.